The Practice Pop-Up

A new way for creatives, entrepreneurs + professionals to get SH*T done.


The Practice Pop-up exists  to bring creators together in the same space, to individually and collectively get sh*t done. We don't believe in hype or shortcuts, we believe in doing the work. A creative life is achieved through practice, momentum and collaboration. 

We are defined by our ability to perform with excellence. Excellence is determined by how much we choose to practice. The core of the Practice Pop-up is to create a space for creatives and entrepreneurs to prioritize improvement and getting work done.


The Practice Pop-up is about bringing creatives and entrepreneurs together in one space to do the work they’ve always wanted to do, but have NOT done.


Are you ready to practice?

 Two 90-minute sprints

A Tasty Lunch


 Hear from local creative entrepreneurs who will serve as "Mentors of the Day"  

Discover techniques on how you can approach productivity intentionally (even when you don't feel like it)




JUNE 24, 2017

Brooklyn, NY


Connecting through shared experiences & co-working.


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Unified by a love for activating spaces for creatives and entrepreneurs


Meet The Creators


Nia Phillip

Nia Phillip is a New York-based content creator and visual curator who is on a mission to inspire ambitious, creative, smart women to do the work to build the career, life, and style of their dreams. 

As the creator of #CreativeSmartGirl and she’s building the digital media platform and membership hub for ambitious women. She was born on the tiny island of Grenada with big dreams and a work ethic to match. She’s currently the operations manager while maintaining the steady growth of Creative Smart Girl. Nia is the ultimate collaborator and uses skillfully uses collaboration to position and take to the next level. You can connect with her on Twitter @xoniaphillip. Follow @creativesmartgirl for updates. 

Chasity Cooper

A communications strategist by trade and digital swaggerist by nature, Chasity specializes in creating online branding and media plans for small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. A self-proclaimed ‘Millennial On A Mission’ and lover of all things that intersect tech and media, Chasity frequently contributes to Teen Vogue, Her Agenda, and Technical.y DC, and has also contributed to, LEVO League, and The Root.

Through the growing online community that she has built, Millennial On A Mission, she has engaged with hundreds of millennial men and women about the importance of networking, personal branding and building credibility as a young professional both online and offline. You can follow her on Twitter @chasityscooper.